EXO Layout Complete!

That's right folks, Exo's layout is finally complete and I am SO excited to share the finished product with you! It's looking absolutely gorgeous with full pages and spreads and newly designed character sheets, along with a new hunter's log and range table. I couldn't have asked for anything better and I hope you love the direction the layout went in as much as I do. 

The layout artist for this project was @mayvisit on Twitter (mvmv.itch.io) and you should absolutely check out the rest of their work, and hire them to work on your stuff.


EXO by ECG- Pages.pdf 18 MB
Nov 22, 2021
EXO by ECG- Spreads.pdf 19 MB
Nov 22, 2021
EXO Play Materials.pdf 37 kB
Nov 22, 2021

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