v1.5 Is Here

v1.5 Is Finally Here

After some time the 1.5 update for Aether is finally ready! This major update has a few new files and a lot to go over, so let me get through a list of the basics and then the rules changes. With regards to the files and broader changes that have been made you'll find:

  • Spreads and Pages pdfs for viewing in landscape or portrait mode. Both are completely bookmarked and have hyperlinks in-text.
  • Brand new layout (done by yours truly). 
  • New 1.5 character sheet to reflect the trimmed down character mechanics. 
  • New Player Cheat Sheet so that new players have an easier time remembering the basics
  • New Encounter Sheet so that narrators can run entire encounters with one page front and back. 
  • Encounter and Player sheets are form-fillable.

Most of these are quality of life improvements for the game, though there are a number of changes to the rules: 

  • Core resolution is heavily simplified compared to V1.4, now opting for a Failure/Partial Success/Success scale without the math of previous versions. 
  • Rules have been reordered so that they are easier to understand. Game terms come before the core rules so that first time readers don't have to question what things mean. 
  • Character generation has been simplified, combining duplicated mechanics from previous versions (such as Omens and Destinies) into singular streamlined mechanics (Now there's only Omens). 
  • New unified encounter rules, meaning you only need to learn one set of rules to run any kind of encounter.
  • Improved player ability creator and explanations, with 80 included sample abilities for players to use and change as they see fit.
  • A trimmed down and improved creature creator, with new statblocks that even separate abilities by turn in combat. 
  • Flow charts for completing a skill check and completing a turn in combat.

Most of these changes seem small on paper, but you'll hopefully find that they create for a much more enjoyable experience in play and during game prep. I hope you all enjoy Aether's latest update!


Aether Core V1.5 Pages- Eldritch Crow Gaming.pdf 7 MB
Nov 01, 2021
Aether Core V1.5 Spreads- Eldritch Crow Gaming.pdf 12 MB
Nov 01, 2021
Aether 1.5 Character Sheet- Portrait Letter.pdf 1 MB
Nov 01, 2021
Aether 1.5 Player Cheat Sheet.pdf 93 kB
Nov 01, 2021
Aether 1.5 Encounter Sheet.pdf 213 kB
Nov 01, 2021

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