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This contract template contains basic clauses for payment, down-payments for work and more. It also includes optional clauses for use of art assets made by an artist, and clauses for working on crowdfunded projects. 

Included is a form-fillable PDF for anyone who just wants to use the contract as-is, and the Affinity Publisher file for folks that want to adjust it to suit their needs. If I find a way to get a conversion for InDesign there will be an added file at a later date, but I don't have access to that filetype at this time.

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GenreRole Playing
TagsLGBTQIA, Tabletop


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It's nice to see someone do this. I write my own contracts, starting from an oral negotiation. A tool like this provides a nice framework for such a negotiation.

Clause 5 is phrased clumsily, perhaps:

"Upon complete payment, the Contractor licenses the Commissioner to reproduce and sell work or assets created for the Project, only as incorporated into the Project."

- that could avoid controversy over whether the rights are being *granted* or *licensed*. It's "clear from context" that you mean "license," but it's good to have all the language consistent with your intent.

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Thank you! Is there a typo in the checklist here?

"I recommend increasing your rates by 50% for commercial licensing at minimum and 50% at minimum for ownership. Double your rates for both at minimum."

Should this be "double your rates for both at maximum"?

If someone wants both commercial  and ownership rights of your work, double your rates at minimum. 50% increase for one or the other at minimum. Because losing the right to own or reproduce your own work is a big ask.

That makes sense, but then what do you mean by the previous statement of "increase by 50% at minimum"? Do you increase by 50% or double it (100%)?


50% at minimum just means increase by 50% or more if you want to? Its intended to mean that if the client wants one or the other types of rights (commercial or ownership) then you make minimum 50% more money on your base rate. If they want both ownership and commercial rights, double your base rate (increase by 100%)